Privacy Policy


Microsoft's Application Insights is used to provide anonymous information about how the website is performing (response times and error rates).


This website uses cookies as little as possible.

Two cookies are set to enable the website's admin sections and to perform checks when website admin's update information for the website, these are required for site functionality and without them the website will not function as expected.

One cookie __cf_bm is also set which is part of Cloudflare's Bot Fight Mode

Admin Section

Some Rose IT Solutions members have the ability to modify this websites content via the website's admin section, this area only stores the members username (e-mail address) and password and is required for site functionality, this section is not available to the general public and those who do have access have the option to remove their details (and the ability to access the admin section) at any time on the Personal Data pages.

3rd Party Login (OAuth)

login and register pages of this website offer the possibility of accessing the admin areas of the website using a username and password you use elsewhere, i.e. Facebook, Google, Twitter etc. If you don't already have an account and/or register an account directly using a 3rd party, this website will access your e-mail address from the 3rd party and then store it in this websites database. This will be used as a unique identifier to allow you to login in the future. No additional information is accessed or stored. Your e-mail address will not be shared and is only stored for the purposes of accessing this website.

PLEASE NOTE: These options are only intended for RITS members who need to access the admin areas of the website and will not provide any additional website functionality for non-admins. Accounts registered that do not belong to a site admin are regularly removed or can be removed by the account holder directly using the Personal Data pages.